Thursday, December 29, 2011


IF YOU LOVE HIP HOP, Let me know what you think of this list!

100 Ways to save Hip Hop:

1. Stop playing the same 5 songs on the radio.
2. Stop listening to radio stations that play the same 5 songs.
3. Stop blaming Diddy.
4. Stop Diddy.
5. Stop dubbing every new jack “the next great” this and that.
6. Stop charging body parts for shows.
7. Stop fabricating feuds to sell records.
8. Stop putting Lil Wayne on every song.
9. Stop saying hip-hop is dead.
10. Stop hating Kanye for being weird.
11. More battles, less beef.
12. Stop biting Jay-Z’s flow.
13. Stop biting Biggie’s ad libs.
14. Stop putting weed carriers on your album.
15. Stop trying to please everyone.
16. Stop leaking entire albums song by song.
17. Stop making posthumous collaborations.
18. Stop getting arrested for dumb things.
19. Stop being homophobic.
20. Stop blaming record labels.
21. Stop whining about how much you miss the golden age of hip-hop.
22. Stop cluttering albums with corny skits, unless you’re Prince Paul.
23. Support creativity with your wallet.
24. Stop making 50-song albums with 90% filler.
25. Stop faking the funk.
26. Stop calling people who disagree with you “haters.”
27. Stop hating.
28. Stop kissing ass for favors.
29. Stop saying you miss “real” hip-hop.
30. Stop hating Jay-Z.
31. Stop saying you’re carrying ___ city on your back. That’s not even possible.
32. Stop acting too cool for school at concerts.
33. Stop rapping about the same three topics.
34. Stop rapping about UFOs.
35. Stop promoting sexual violence under the guise of hood reportage.
36. Stop defending misogyny.
37. Stop being a Twitter groupie.
38. Stop taking contrarian views for the sake of being different.
39. Stop hating people who disagree with you.
40. Stop dissing Soulja Boy.
41. Stop Soulja Boy.
42. Stop dissing people who make dance-tastic rap. It’s been around forever.
43. Support innovative DJs.
44. Actually make the effort to move the crowd.
45. Stop radio payola.
46. Stop blog payola.
47. Push the envelope.
48. Stop biting.
49. Stop yelling on mixtapes.
50. Stop blaming bloggers.
51. Make meaningful music.
52. Stop obsessing over airplay (or lack thereof).
53. Stop showering undeserving veterans with blind praise.
54. Stop sleeping on unsigned talent.
55. Stop hopping on trends.
56. Stop making everything a race issue.
57. Stop being so gimmicky.
58. Stop calling everything a concept album.
59. Stop making tinkerbell beats.
60. Stop blaming skinny jeans.
61. Stop blaming hipsters.
62. Stop explaining your art.
63. Let your music speak for itself.
64. Stop playing it safe.
65. Invest in better artwork and packaging.
66. Stop promoting ignorance.
67. Stop burning bridges over stupid things.
68. Stop bragging about sales.
69. Stop showing up six hours late to your own shows.
70. Stop blaming the South.
71. Stop putting people in a box.
72. Stop tossing “classic” around.
73. Stop congratulating yourself on every other song.
74. Stop trying to sell the same album twice.
75. Stop looking for the next 50 Cent.
76. Stop hating people who color outside the lines.
77. More rapping, less singing.
78. Stop wasting your budget on video hos.
79. Do tell me, how do you get in those jeans.
80. Stop getting murdered by Eminem on your songs.
81. Stop telling me to “bring that sh-t back!”
82. More improvised freestyles, less written freestyles.
83. More originality, less biting.
84. More RZA, less Bobby Digital.
85. More effort, less ghostwriting.
86. More albums, less mixtapes.
87. Stop using auto-tune to mask a lack of singing talent.
88. Stop making contrived girl songs.
89. Stop wearing obnoxious gold chains.
90. Stop calling everything a movement. Civil Rights = movement; Bugatti Boys = not a movement.
91. Stop shooting up the clubs.
92. Stop wearing jackets that look like LV handbags.
93. Stop nominating idiots for Hip-Hop Honors.
94. Stop handing out awards to the same 5 people every year.
95. Stop sending impostors to your show (I’m looking at you, DOOM).
96. Ban Diddy from Twitter.
97. Stop putting baby pictures on your album cover.
98. Be aware that the roof is not literally on fire.
99. Retire the word “swag.”
100. Stop trying to save hip-hop. It doesn’t need saving.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Bruce Bowers aka Agent 85 recently teamed up with Unity Lewis to create an animated clip to the video of a track he released called "My Clique". Here is the result.

View and Njoy!

For more info on both of these talented artists, visit their sites:


Saturday, December 17, 2011


This is GeeO Supreme's biggest 'cast ever! All new and classic material from his submissions library + music from his latest Rebel release (which you can cop right here on the sidebar. Just click the three images to download and receive your full dose of dopeness!

click image to download

OCD: Moosh & Twist - Mathematics (Remix) ft. Black Thought
Rah Dizzy - Paper
MF Doom - My Favorite Ladies (Equalibrum RMX)
JVC Force - Strong Island
Nutso Ft NORE, Imam THUG & Royal Flush - Galaxy Of Queens
Lamma - Neva Get It Back
The X-ecutioners ft. Pharoahe Monch, Xzibit, Inspectah Deck & Skillz - The X (Y'all Know The Name From The Gee-O - Rebel Project
Jean Grae - Tea And Beer (Beat By Gee-O From The Gee-O - Rebel Project
Meek Mill ft Rick Ross- I'm A Boss
Bahwee - Into the Night
Beedie - Let's Take It Back
Damu The Fudgemunk - Puttin' In Work
D-ski The Illeagle - SpaceTravel
D-ski The Illeagle - Metaphysical
JSWISS - Geek Down
dvmz - compendi
Roux Spana - rico suave bossa nova
Akello Light - When Love
Akello Light - Free Will Beat
Consequence - q.u.e another e.n.s (Beat By Gee-O From The Gee-O - Rebel Project
Metabeats ft. Skamma - Ringmaster
CIRCA 94 Beats - The Boom Bip
Denz - In Your Mind (Gil Scott-Heron Tribute)
Gee - Sunset
LlamaBeats - The Crew
JAMES JUNO - The Ting Ting
Potent Whisper - Gods House ft Nanci Correia
Highwhite - A donde llegaras
Jermy J - Meatgrinder
Gang Starr - As I Read My Essay
Grand Puba - What Goes Around
Pudgee featuring Lord Tariq & The Notorious B.I.G. - Think Big
J Dilla - Strapped

click image to download

Boogie Down Productions - Stop The Violence (From The Gee-O - Rebel Project
Audio Two - Top Billin'
MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
Ed OG And Da Bulldogs - I Gotta Have It
Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full
Heavy D & The Boyz featuring Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Guru, Rob-O, Third Eye - A Bunch A N*ggas
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk
Heavy D & The Boyz - Overweight Lover
De La Soul - Buddy (Remix ft. Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, Monie Love, Queen Latifah & Black Sheep)
Heavy D & The Boyz - Nuttin' But Love
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)
Brand Nubian - One For All
Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)
Gang Starr - DWYCK (Feeaturing Nice & Smooth)
Heavy D & The Boyz Featuring Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Q-Tip, Big Daddy Kane - Don't Curse
Stetsasonic - Talkin All That Jazz (Dominoes Mix)
Art Of Noise - Beat Box
Heavy D & The Boyz - We Got Our Own Thang (Club Mix)
Queen Latifah - Dance For Me
Organized Konfusion - Hypnotical Gases
Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off (From The Gee-O - Rebel Project
Heavy D & The Boyz - Now That We Found Love
George Kranz - Din Daa Daa
David Porter - Im Afraid The Masquerade Is Over

click image to download

Glenn Astro - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson Come and Dance with me (Glenn Astro rework)
Moe Mix - How do I love
Glenn Astro - Walk Away
Nicki Minaj - Go Hard (From The Gee-O - Rebel Project
Henrique Piraí - I Still Have a Dream ( Batucacuca Remix )
Ilene Barnes - House Of The Rising Sun (Simbad Blue Breaks Raw Mix)
Gee-O - RauseHousin (From The Gee-O - No Boundaries Beat Tape
The Oliverwho Factory - Nightlights
Jinadu - Natural Thing (Domus Mutant Soul Remix)
Panic Feat Mc Chick-A-Boo - Jam (Charlie Dark Dubstrumental)
Dekata Project - My People (Greymatter Remix)
Ray Harris - Scaramunga (Jazzy Gentle brokenafro remix) 320
Mary Jane Coles - Humming Bird (Original Mix)
Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It
DHS - House Of God (50 Mix)
Simbad - Loose Ensemble Apollo Soul (2002)
Ghostpoet - One Twos Run Run Run
Spoonface - Chiney Flute Riddim
BearClaw - Galvanized Leather
Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience

Friday, December 9, 2011


click image above to download part III of Hip Hop History

Welcome to Part III of Juggernaut Radio's exclusive coverage of our Hip Hop Anthology, where we actually chronicle the time line through the music we love called Hip Hop. As the 80s progressed, we saw various changes in Hip Hop as music companies started to see the validity of the profitability that this music generated. It was a time when females came to the forefront, gangster rap was born and love ballads became big sellers! Continue the journey with us as we pick up right from where we left off from the last show with artists like Run DMC, Salt N Pepa, Schooly D, Beastie Boys and Joe Ski Love. Hip Hop was here to stay, and it was only getting better...