Thursday, September 24, 2009


THIS JUST IN!!! Juggernaut Records, LLC has signed two new artists to the line-up that's sure to burn their mark in the music industry. Superstar songwriter/dancer/choreographer/producer Lia and the most well known unknown John D.O.E. (who???-exactly!).

LIA is a singer, songwriter, producer and a choreographer. Bringing fresh choruses and creative layers to the young, fly and flashy demographic, look for her to be instrumental in contributing to the new sound of today's R&B music!

Who is John D.O.E.? What does he sound like? What does he look like? The crazy thing is, after you witness when he does his thing in the industry, you'll likely have answered your own questions. Keep checking our website and our blogspot for updated info and nu music. You will (or won't) be surprised when the truth is revealed.

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