Friday, April 30, 2010


As a big Hip Hop head, I always look back and smile at the accomplishments Hip Hop has achieved in the 30+ years this art form has been around. I smile even wider when my people go above and beyond to help us remember where we came from to help steady our course as to where we're headed with Hip Hop. D-Sew, our affiliate Producer/DJ out of the UK's latest podcast gives me a great reason to smile like so. D-Sew does a stellar job taking us by the hand and touring us through the time capsule to make our heads old school nod once again to the pioneer joints of Nas, Main Source, Notorious BIG, Ice Cube, The Crooklyn Dodgers, Common (Sense), Camp Lo, Dr. Dre, Wu Tang Clan, and a whole lot more...
I would give you the rundown, but I gotta give you a reason to hurry up and finish this article so you can click the link below and download it for yourself. Don't forget to head over to the right hand side and download (FOR FREE) past D-Sew podcast episodes.


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