Monday, December 6, 2010


GeeO Supreme is like the mad scientist of music. He knows no limitations in both his work ethic or his production. His latest offering is proof positive that serves as a testimony to the fact that he may very well be the hardest working producer in the biz. NO BOUNDARIES is a beat tape unlike anything else GeeO has produced in the past. This is an actual beat tape that showcases his growth and expanse from what he's experienced in the industry and his worldwide travels over the past decade. (True) emcees are encouraged to listen and rhyme with reason asGeeO takes you on a seamless journey of Hip Hop bliss that U never seem to come back from. Outside of any label, GeeO projects sheer excellence when showcasing variety in his productions skills. You can literally listen to this great accomplishment as an instrumental piece and be thoroughly satisfied with that experience itself. NO BOUNDARIES is now available right here on the Juggernaut Blogsite FREE FOR DOWNLOAD. You can also download it direct from his personal blogsite.

Download...listen... enjoy... comment...

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