Tuesday, February 15, 2011


In recent Hip Hop history, no other producer has garnered so much attention posthumously than James Yancey bka J. Dilla aka Jay Dee. From his early days with his group Slum Village to producing for Busta Rhymes and Tribe Called Quest as part of The Ummah to being (still) one of the most sought after producers in this age by artists like Ghostface Killah and The Roots, J. Dilla's music is still being widely used and respected by the keepers of the culture. Juggernaut's own GeeO Supreme isn't too far behind those marks. But he has taken the time to give props due to Hip Hop's most influential soundsmiths.
This one goes out to all - from the hardcore fans to the "johnny catch on late" heads.


...and give thanks.

DillaCast 2011

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