Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As many of you all are aware of by now, Agent 85's follow up from his critically acclaimed INFILTRAITOR release 85 CONFIDENTIAL has been pushed back to be released in 2012. Look for this project to include more content both musically and visually than what the original release was set to contain. The project serves as the prelude to Agent 85's most anticipated release The S.A.M. Xperiment. "There will not be as huge a gap in the release of S.A.M. Xperiment as there was in this project. My goal, as always, is to leave a lasting impression on your mind in pushing my limits of creativity while giving you food for thought. That is and will always be my mission in the projects I execute".-Agent 85.
85 CONFIDENTIAL is set to release this spring on Juggernaut Records, LLC. Please visit AGENT 85'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE for continued updates on the development of this project.

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