Sunday, September 13, 2015


When Cheryl L. Allison founded LoveNMeee in 2007, it wasn't long since her recovery from a life threatening/altering experience that would've caused most women to shut down and just hide themselves away from society. Instead, she found within herself the desire to help other women, specifically those who had experienced similar domestic violent situations, through a non-profit organization called Love N Meee. However, this proved to be a daunting task and came with a heavier commitment than she was ready for, as she was still raising children of her own. A lot has changed with Cheryl since then. Today, she has grown and evolved the concept of "LoveNMeee" in that it starts with you loving yourself. Knowing yourself. Being truthful with yourself, regardless of popular opinion or what others may say or think of you. She embarked upon an ambitious journey in health, beauty and positive energy and decided to show everyone that no matter who you are, by loving yourself first, you become much more capable of loving and helping others. This is what today's incarnation of LoveNMeee personifies: Love of self over selfishness, surety over insecurity, confidence over conceit. Click the link below to learn more about LoveNMeee and follow to become part of the process of "Loven'U" First. 

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