Saturday, January 23, 2010


Saturday night belongs to Ja Jona! If you are in the Stockton area on Saturday January 29th, make sure you make it through to support the 209's fastest rising star Ja Jona. His opus project "Blockstar" will be dropping and he's making sure everyone has the opportunity to hear it.
Come through and see Jona perform selections from his album live! Special guest affiliated artists will be present to perform as well like Big Bub, Devastayta, Boog Buda and Juggernaut Records, LLC pop diva Lia.
Dress code will be strictly enforced so no hats, tees, tennis shoes or baggy jeans. Admission is free before 10pm and then afterwards $5 for the ladies and $10 for the men, so make sure you come early!
We'll see you Saturday at Chitiva's in Stockton. 445 W. Weber Ave. Stockton, CA 95203.
If you have any questions about the event, contact Ja Jona (209) 888-7903.

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