Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gee O is one busy guy in the game. DJ/Producer/Engineer. Already in 2010 (15 days in) he's got a brand new podcast (and its dope), co-hosting a brand new radio show on Juggernaut Radio (and its doper), and now, he's releasing one of his best mixtape projects to date...THE WRECKONING. "The Wreckoning is a step above (my first project) Oasis" says Gee O. "With Oasis, I featured a lot of my beats with movie clips. This was just a taste of what I do as a producer." Gee O is looking to showcase his beats through instrumentals, artist collabs and rare remixes. Look for a sneak peak of the Wreckoning to be featured on the premiere of Juggernaut Radio, this Sunday on Blog Talk Radio. Then, be on the lookout for ...THE WRECKONING, which will be available online in February.

Just in case U missed Oasis the first time around, here is the free download. GO GET IT NOW!
GEE-O presents THE OASIS

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