Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LIA is Officially Available for download - Go check it out and support your local artist (you can listen and download album now) Thank you everyone... Congrats Lia Mack, Bruce Bowers, Cheryl Allison, Michael Bobbitt and Juggernaut Records, LLC - YAY!!! We Did It!!!

Lia is a multi-faceted star making a positive impact in the world of Pop and R&B music. As a singer, songwriter, producer and choreographer, Lia continues to prove herself a "breath of fresh air" through both her voice and her "hip-pop" music.

Legally known as Esraelia Renee Mack, born in Germany 1988, Lia, was an adolescent when she moved to the United States. She began her Journey at the young age of 11. She wrote poetry, began writing songs and by the age of 13, she found her passion, singing. By the time she started high school, at Fort Walton Beach High in Florida, she was a full-on singer, writer, and dancer. In fact, she formed a music group called “Sympathy” with her close friend Courtney. Although the group was short-lived, they managed to record the album titled “Hold Your Breath”.

Soon after, Lia joined ranks with another group named Distant Pham. There she worked with producer extraordinaire, The Wizard (Kelby Walker), and other artists who helped her develop her style and her first solo project. In 2006, she dropped her first single, “I Want You”. She went on to complete other projects including several music videos such as “I Love You” and “The Life”. Lia parted ways with Distant Pham on good terms and continued working. She collaborated with Nathaniel Space (Nurse) and others as she sharpened her performance skills in local venues. By now, she was teaching dance at the local boys and girls club, singing and collaborating with local artists, performing and recording; all while working a full time job and raising her daughter. Although she was doing more than most people could imagine, she felt she needed more. In 2009, she decided to move to Los Angeles, Ca to pursue her dreams.

Lia is currently a professional singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and producer. She also has trained with various choreographers including Nate Adams, Chopper, Sho Tyme, and David Moore. If you asked her what was one of her greatest accomplishments she might say being a Mother and auditioning for “So You Think You Can Dance”. After traveling in L.A. and building ties with local dance companies, she decided to move up north (Central Valley) to explore other options and reconnect with family. It was then she joined up with her current label, Juggernaut Records, LLC. In less than a year with the label, she has already recorded a new album titled “My Journey”, which she co-produced with Ghostly Samurai (Michael Bobbitt), out now. Her new single “Amazing” is currently available for download at Connect with Lia:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Cheryl Allison at (209) 662-5279

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