Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Everyone at one point has turned on the radio and said to themselves "I just heard this song 15 minutes ago. Play something else!" Of course, with the way that network broadcast companies and the industry is set up, this situation is unavoidable. But there are alternatives. The staff of Nu Hitz Radio provides just that! 24 hours a day, you can expect the best in R&B, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Gospel and a whole lot more - WITH VARIETY! (Its okay, you can smile...). Led by Golden Hayes, DJ Brotha Reese, Mr. Tay (who is also the site designer) and others, the Nu Hitz staff works tirelessly to bring to us music that we ALL enjoy. Nu Hitz not only broadcasts your favorite beats from any era, but they also cater to up and coming artists as well through their BUZZ PAGE outlet. R&B and Hip Hop Artists have the opportunity to have their music played and broadcasted worldwide right alongside mainstream artists. Look for popular radio shows to appear on their playlist as well including The Rick & Ross Show, Sway and Tech's Wake Up Show and coming soon... Juggernaut Radio.

Nu Hitz is also the proud partner of We Build Hits - a new site featuring big producers looking for serious artists who want that one shot to rise above obscurity. Check out Nu Hitz by clicking the link below or in our family and affiliate link spot.


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