Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Gee-O Supreme, the Bronx, NY native and current resident of the Miami scene in FL is the creator and orchestrator of his own sound.  His own beats.  His own brand.  For the better half of a decade, Gee-O has unleashed upon the world some of the most creative and inspiring music to combat the mediocrity and complacency plaguing Hip Hop music in modern times.  His latest offering GLOBAL JET SETTER defines Gee-O Supreme as still one of the most respected beat makers and producers under and above ground.  Breaking away from his normal podcast itinerary, we experience more of why the globe may never tire of the inspiring works of the World Coast Producer himself... GEE-O SUPREME

If you're looking for the run of the mill, tinkerbell style of beats well you won't find that in this project. You'll find a more gritty, unique sound of beats that help create that Gee-O sound but also there's many sounds to even go by. From sampling some of the worldly sound to bringing some orginal music to remixing and cutting, I feel like all basis are covered with my music During the process of this project I felt compelled to list the origin of the sample used. Now I know some are turning away from the art of sampling no fret, I do have original beats in this project as well. What also helps is visiting some of the places listed so it helped as inspiration for this project. I hope you download and enjoy. 

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